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Surface Squared focuses on sourcing world leading decorative surface materials and bringing them to Australian architects and designers. Our product portfolio aims to supply materials suitable for any interior application, providing unique & unparalleled design led options. We support your specifications by providing responsive customer service with strong design and technical knowledge.

For your next project, look no further than Surface Squared.

High Pressure Laminate

At Surface Squared we source our High Pressure Laminates (HPL) from the leading European manufacturer ABET Laminati. A combination of solid colours, textures and patterns, woodgrains and metals create a design led palette to enhance any interior project. HPL is available pressed onto MR MDF or White Birch Ply with matching ABS edge tape.

Magnetic & Writable Surfaces

Magnetico and Writable Surfaces are manufactured by ABET Laminati and are suitable for all projects, from educations to office fitouts to health care projects. Magnetico White 406 Lucida is the go-to product to use on projects that require versatility. Magnetico can adapt between an easy-to-clean white board, to a magnetic surface, to a projection screen, making it ideal for multi-functional spaces. Magnetico is also available in a Black 421 Soft finish for traditional chalk board and magnetic applications.



HPL with an extra-matte, smooth and velvety texture. Highly resistant to scratches and heat as well as being anti-fingerprint using cutting edge technology.


Timber Grains

Surface Squared  Timber Grains sheets & panels have the expressiveness of real wood with the technological advantages of industrial production in high pressure laminates. Real wood timber veneer is in essence a thin slice of real wood that provides the look and feel that cannot be matched by high pressure laminates. Take a look at our timber veneer range.


Stratificato Compact Laminate

Stratificato compact laminate is a material that offers excellent qualities, both functional and aesthetic. Its resistance to wear and vapour, its hygienic properties as well as its versatility in machining make it the ideal material for wall panelling, furniture and partitioning. Ideal for all applications where strength and design need to be combined, Stratificato compact laminate can be supplied in the complete ABET Laminati colour range in a variety of different thicknesses and sheet sizes. Made to order to your specific design requirements, this allows unlimited design options to suit your project.


Material Exterior Grade

MEG is a construction product that is ideal for architecture and comprises a rigid core combined with a decorative surface consisting of weather-resistant thermosetting resins. Solid, compact and long-lasting, MEG is specifically designed for outdoor application; it is resistant to natural weathering (sunlight and atmospheric agents) providing technical performances that make it suitable to the building sector, where it represents an excellent alternative to traditional materials.

Digital Print

At Surface Squared we offer an easy way to customise your decorative surfaces with ABET Digital print. The flawless quality of ABET’s High Pressure Laminate (HPL) and Stratificato Compact Laminate allows you to discover the unlimited decorative potential for your project requirements using Abet Digital.



Trobloc M

TroBloc M is an innovative new wall cladding product designed to meet the high hygiene requirements of healthcare environments. While the product may be used anywhere, it is particularly suited to facilities at risk of nosocomial infections, especially those originating from multi-resistant bacteria such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).




High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is the perfect material for internal doors. HPL has excellent hygienic, impact and wear resistance making it incredibly durable and easy to clean. The HPL surface means there is no painting or sealing required, prolonging the life-cycle of the doors and reducing costs on maintenance.