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Shopping Centres

The rise of online shopping has made bricks and mortar stores work hard for their dollar. It is easy to shop online – so retail stores must offer something that the internet can’t provide. Combining innovative design with practical retail considerations will achieve the perfect shopping environment, for both customers and retailers. Strike the perfect balance between beauty and business with a calm, but warm atmosphere, using materials that inject colour and texture. Accent colours can be used to highlight different sections such as food courts and break-out areas.

Shop Fitouts

A physical store has an edge over its online competitors in that it can create and tell a story within the space. Every detail should have a purpose and capture attention. Fitout requirements vary greatly from store to store; a food outlet will have very different requirements to a fashion store. However, what they all have in common is the need for brand colours and themes and durable, long-lasting, fire-resistant surfaces that can withstand high traffic. Quality metals will also add character and texture to your fitout.

Beauty Salons

A customer’s experience at a hair or beauty salon begins the moment they walk through the door, as they take in the welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. The best salon designs will keep customers coming back time and again. The design of a salon is also imperative for the staff, who must be able to operate in a clean, comfortable and inspiring environment. From the layout, to the colour, to the furniture, everything must come together to create the perfect getaway from the everyday.

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