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Buses and Coaches

Buses and coaches are one of the most important forms of passenger transport in the world.<br /> Population increases and a greater focus on environmental issues means commuters are moving away from cars and embracing public transport at a rapid rate. Buses are a safe, ‘green’, affordable and inclusive mode of transport, and allows passengers to socialise or relax on the way to their destination. Using sustainable and durable products, while creating a homely feel, strikes the perfect balance for buses and coaches.


Trains also act as a major form of transport worldwide, for both short distances and across entire countries and continents. As well as carrying passengers, trains also serve to transport vital goods such as grains, coal, ore, sugar, and fertiliser. Whether carrying passengers or cargo, trains must comply with safety standards including fire ratings, as well as being durable, easy to maintain and relaxing for any passengers on board. Abet Laminati HPL and Stratificato materials are certified to European Railway Standard EN 45545-2 for fire safety.


Trams are mostly seen in large towns and cities, filling the gap between buses and trains. They generally travel shorter distances and integrate with the existing public transport. Trams provide more flexibility than buses and trains, stopping more often than trains and running faster than buses. The extremely high traffic means trams must be extremely durable and ideally weather-proof, as they are subject to people hopping on and off in all weather.

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