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Surface Squared partitioning is manufactured in a thickness of 13mm in multiple sheet sizes to create the best optimization for  2100mm high partitions in Privacy Plus or floor to ceiling partitions and doors in Privacy Max. This allows for minimal waste, provides cost saving on materials and increased privacy.
Reduce Cost

Utilising manufacturing capabilities to produce a sheet that allows minimal offcuts during fabrication contributes to a significant cost saving. You are simply not paying for material that you throw away.

Reduce Waste

Ever consider where the offcuts of your material go? With so much material ending up in the skip bin and eventually landfill wits time to pay attention to the scrap heap. Our sheet sizes dramatically reduce the material wasted.

Increase Privacy

Traditional toilet and shower partitions have a height of 1800mm high, making the gap between floor and the bottom of the stall 300mm. Privacy Plus reduces this to 50mm and Privacy Max closes the gap entirely meeting the demand for privacy and safety.

Kosloff Architecture - Melbourne Central Amenities

13mm Partitioning


 Extensive colour range      

  Impact resistant 

Self- supporting properties

 Environmentally friendly

Easy to clean

Mechanically sturdy

Excellent hygienic properties

  Excellent Hygienic properties 

 Fire reated    

 10 Year warranty

Privacy Plus

Suitable for 2100mm high partitions with 2000mm doors

Privacy Max

Suitable for 2700mm floor to ceiling partitions and doors.

Endless Applications

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