Stratificato HPL is a material that offers excellent qualities, both functional and aesthetic. Its resistance to wear and vapour, its hygienic properties as well as its versatility in machining and assembly make it the ideal material for self-supporting furniture systems. Ideal for all applications where strength and design need to be combined, Stratificato HPL, which can be supplied in different typologies, is the most qualitatively reliable material and the one with the most extensive aesthetic potential also for building contemporary design in general.

Sizes and Thicknesses

Core Options

Stratificato comes with three core options

1. Self-supporting material, with brown core and a decorative surface on one or both sides.

2. Self supporting material with black core and a decorative surface on one or both sides.

3. Self-supporting material, with phenolic core and surface, in predefinined colours brown or black.


Working on a large partitioning job?

Sheet size 4200x1860mm 

Looking for Stocked Stratificato?

SURPAC 10mm 4200x1610 Zodia Texture

SURPAC 10mm 3050x1300 SEI Texture



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