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It’s well known that our surroundings have a huge impact on our health. Medical studies have shown that health outcomes are greatly improved when hospitals are specifically designed to support a patient’s wellbeing. The space must also be practically designed for medical staff to conduct their life-saving work and for visitors to feel calm, comfortable and safe. Easy navigation throughout the facility is vital.

Laboratories and research facilities

Lab designs are experiencing many new trends from flexible open laboratories that can keep up with ever-changing lab technologies to the use of new ‘in-between’ social spaces designed to encourage spontaneous interactions between research teams. Architects and designers undertaking new laboratory facilities projects need to identify solutions to build effective “Team Science” oriented communities.

Clinics, dental and out-patient facilities

The healthcare industry is embracing the trend of moving out-patient services from traditional, larger hospitals to more consumer-friendly environments. In some cases, this trend has been shown to create operational efficiencies and improve clinical outcomes, such as decreased re-admittance rates.

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