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At Surface Squared we are committed to providing you with materials that help you achieve beautifully-designed spaces that have minimal impact on the environment, are healthy for the inhabitants, and contribute towards a sustainable future.
One of the reasons we choose to work with our European supplier Abet Laminati is because they share the same environmental respect that we do. Their products have achieved a range of environmental certifications, which we are pleased to pass on to our Australian customers.
For 20 years, Abet Laminati has held iso 14001 certification, which provides assurance that environmental impact is being continually monitored and improved.
Abet has also obtained both the voluntary ‘chain of custody’ certifications that guarantee products have been manufactured with materials from responsibly managed forests. The forest stewardship council (FSC) and programme for the endorsement of forest certification (PEFC) verify that products are handled correctly at every stage of production – from forest to shelf.
Our trademark product high pressure laminate, and Stratificato compact laminate have also achieved an environmental product declaration (EPD). This independently verified document provides transparent information about the life-cycle environmental impact. All EPDs are voluntary and registered in the international database, searchable by anyone, anywhere.
Plus, every collection in the abet range has achieved the prestigious indoor advantage gold certification, the highest certification available for indoor air quality performance for furniture. This means that all abet products meet strict chemical emission limits and support a healthy indoor environment.
These certifications mean that abet products can contribute to the green rating systems used for buildings. Among the most widespread green rating systems for buildings is LEED (leadership in energy and environmental design). This is an international voluntary building certification, verified by third party. LEED scheme provides project teams a framework to design, build and manage healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving buildings. Abet Laminati HPL (high pressure decorative laminate), thanks to its properties can contribute to achieve credit points in LEED system. The below document outlines the information on how abet laminate can help satisfy certification requirements.