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As the saying goes, ‘there’s no place like home’. Home can be hard to define… it’s a feeling. It feels warm, it feels comfortable. It’s a sanctuary, an escape from the busyness of the world. The way we design our homes feels authentic, a genuine reflection of who we are. Injecting ourselves in our home design doesn’t necessarily cost a lot of money; it is simply about choosing the right products to make your home shine and last a lifetime.


Apartments are an increasingly popular housing choice and there is no doubt that good apartment design helps create healthy, safe and livable communities. Apartments also provide housing choice for those with a range of incomes and lifestyle preferences. With population increasing at around 1.6 per cent every year, the higher dwelling density provided by apartments also brings more housing availability.

Student Accommodation

Well-designed student accommodation combines ‘living and learning’, with flexible, quality housing that is cost-effective and appealing. Student accommodation should create a sense of community and identity, and be comfortable, attractive and functional – often in a compact space. Students need ample storage options and a feeling of luxury – all on a budget.

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