TroBloc M
Anti microbial hygienic wall cladding

TroBloc M the antimicrobial wall-cladding sheet for a hygienic environment! TroBloc M was developed to support the fight against nosocomial infections, especially those coming from multi resistant bacteria like e.g. MRSA. TroBloc M is an easy to install wall covering material, suitable for new buildings, but also for renovation of existing buildings. It makes easy work of hygiene compliance to the highest standards.

  • Antimicrobial effect also effective against MRSA in accordance with ATCC 100/ISO 22196 (modification)
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly chemical-resistant
  • Extremely scratch-resistant
  • Good adhesive bonding capability

Scratch Resistance


Easy to Clean


Fire Resistance

Protective Gloves

Antimicrobial Properties


TroBloc M prevents microbes such as bacteria and fungi present on the surface from continuing to multiply. To achieve this antimicrobial effect, Trobloc M uses modern silver ion technology. The additive, which is non-toxic to humans, acts in purely physical manner – through the transfer of silver ions- to prevent the growth of microbes. This action inhibits the reproduction of strains of bacteria. The bacterial action takes effect in very litttle time, as has been proved and certified by the Swiss company, Ciba Spezialitatenchemie AG in Basel. Its reliable effectiveness with respect to the bacterium, MRSA, has also been proved in laboratory tests in Ciba.


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