TroBloc M
Anti microbial hygienic wall cladding

TroBloc M is an innovative new wall cladding product designed to meet the high hygiene requirements of healthcare environments.

While the product may be used anywhere, it is particularly suited to facilities at risk of nosocomial infections, especially those originating from multi-resistant bacteria such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Many hospitals around the world are struggling with MRSA, due to its antibiotic and biocide resistance. TroBloc M is a simple, yet attractive way to tackle this growing problem and ensure your facility exceeds the required hygiene standards.

It is a cutting-edge product that is also easy to install, simple to maintain, looks stunning and is suitable for both new builds and renovations.

Benefits of Trobloc M

– Antimicrobial agent. Effective against MRSA in accordance with tests AATCC 100 and ISO 22196.
– Easy to clean.
– Easy to install.
– Highly chemical-resistant.
– Extremely scratch-resistant.
– Good adhesive capability.


Scratch Resistance


Easy to Clean


Fire Resistance

Protective Gloves

Antimicrobial Properties


The secret to TroBloc M’s superior antimicrobial effect is the silver-ion technology that is embedded into the cladding. Silver has long been known as an effective antimicrobial agent – right back to the days of Hippocrates in 400BC!

Completely safe for humans, silver-ion works by transferring from the cladding to the bacteria, effectively preventing its growth and reproduction.

The process takes very little time, as proven and certified in tests carried out by Swiss laboratories Ciba Spezialitatenchemie AG in Basel. These tests also verified its effectiveness against MRSA.


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