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As more and more people are eschewing cars and even public transport, the need for end of trip facilities is growing. A top priority for most people is security. Will their bike and other belongings be safe while they are working all day? Combining materials that are strong, durable and anti-graffiti with an appropriate security system will give your employees peace of mind.

Water Proof

End of trip facilities often include bike racks and lockers, along with showers, toilets and change rooms, making waterproofing a priority. This also accommodates for all kinds of weather; it doesn’t matter if the bike gets rained on and drips on the surface. Consider using materials that are not only waterproof, but also mould-resistant and antibacterial, as well as being visually stunning. This room will be the day’s welcome to your employees, so make it exciting and stimulating. Decorative surfaces are more durable than paint, resisting scuff marks from bikes and shoes, meaning it lasts longer and reduces maintenance costs.

Easy to Clean Surfaces

It’s inevitable that an end of trip facility will get dirty. Bikes will carry in road debris, tar, grass, mud and rain. Plus, riders themselves will be washing off sweat and other debris in the showers. Coating the facility in easy to clean surfaces is a must! Look for non-porous, non-stain, smooth material that can be efficiently cleaned and maintained.

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