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Surface Squared is a privately owned Australian business with offices in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia. We specialise in sourcing decorative surface and substrate materials from the best manufacturers in the world, including ABET Laminati and Holz in Form. Whether you are an Architect, Interior Designer, Builder, Cabinet Maker or managing a building project we are here to assist with your ideas and execution. Keenly working from design concepts through to the realities of the building process, our product knowledge is imperative in turning ideas into a reality. Our approach is knowledge led. We are continually challenging the materials traditional boundaries and stepping into new surface and substrate applications.

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Products by Abet Laminati

Surface Squared focuses on sourcing world leading decorative surface materials and bringing them to Australian architects and designers. Our product portfolio aims to supply materials suitable for any interior application, providing unique & unparalleled design led options. We support your specifications by providing responsive customer service with strong design and technical knowledge. For your next project, look no further than Surface Squared.

Products by Surface Squared

Decorative Timber Veneers by Holz in Form

Industry Applications

Working on a specific projects and looking for inspiration? These application pages will help you choose the right surfaces, and meet your project requirements without compromising on any aesthetic features!

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Abet laminati Australia

Proud distributer of Abet Laminati

Founded in late 1950s, Abet Laminati is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of decorative laminate. Abet Laminati offers an endless number of products with different characteristics, aesthetic peculiarities and functions.

Proud distributer of Holz in Form

Holz in Form are a German based company who specialises in creating embossed and shaped decorative panels for architectural interior applications. Holz in Form have been creating timber panels for the local furniture industry for over 40 years and have grown to supply a global market.

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Creating Interactive Spaces for Higher Education

Have you ever been at university for hours on end, desperately trying to feel inspired enough to complete your assignment? For too long, universities have struggled to create interesting, interactive, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing learning spaces. The boring libraries, labs and classrooms do little to encourage learning – instead, they encourage students to run for […]

Transforming school interiors from good to great!

The Australian government investment in our nation’s schools will increase by 68% over the next 10 years, as 650,000 new students begin their education journey. Each state has also pledged extra funding to build new schools and upgrade existing ones. This creates an excellent opportunity for schools to plan, design and create a space that will […]

Creating balanced childcare with Surface Squared

Children are just learning to navigate and be inspired by the world around them and are highly influenced by their surroundings. This means that the design of a childcare centre requires a delicate balance. The design must enhance the social and physical development of children, but also provide a practical and safe space for both the children and their educators.

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