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The rise of experiential travel has been one of the biggest trends in the hotel industry in the last few years. Travellers of all age groups continue to demand more authentic and meaningful experiences from their tourism operators. The big trends we are seeing in hotel design include eco-friendliness, incorporating local features, blurring indoor / outdoor lines, experiential social spaces and buzzing social lobbies.


We live in a very visual age, and restaurants now need to be as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. With the social media savvy millennials and centennials taking over the demographics, it’s highly important to consider the Instagram potential of your venue. Developing a dining space that is photogenic and unique enough to be posted on social media will give you a big edge over your competitors.


Bars and cocktail lounges are increasingly focused on creating innovative, aesthetically pleasing designs that draw the crowds. Venues that capture the imagination and soothe the soul not only turn a profit, but become destinations in their own right. Creating warm intimacy, with themed furniture and decorative wall coverings should be a priority in any bar.

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