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Shopping Centres

The rise of online shopping has made bricks and mortar stores work hard for their dollar. It is easy to shop online – so retail stores must offer something that the internet can’t provide. Combining innovative design with practical retail considerations will achieve the perfect shopping environment, for both customers and retailers. Strike the perfect balance between beauty and business with a calm, but warm atmosphere, using materials that inject colour and texture. Accent colours can be used to highlight different sections such as food courts and break-out areas.

Shop Fitouts

A physical store has an edge over its online competitors in that it can create and tell a story within the space. Every detail should have a purpose and capture attention. Fitout requirements vary greatly from store to store; a food outlet will have very different requirements to a fashion store. However, what they all have in common is the need for brand colours and themes and durable, long-lasting, fire-resistant surfaces that can withstand high traffic. Quality metals will also add character and texture to your fitout.

Beauty Salons

A customer’s experience at a hair or beauty salon begins the moment they walk through the door, as they take in the welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. The best salon designs will keep customers coming back time and again. The design of a salon is also imperative for the staff, who must be able to operate in a clean, comfortable and inspiring environment. From the layout, to the colour, to the furniture, everything must come together to create the perfect getaway from the everyday.

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Durability and low maintenance are considered together as a criterion for product selection in retail environments. We provide materials that perform under tough conditions and don’t contribute to the ongoing maintenance schedule of a building. Our HPL and Stratificato compact laminate don’t need constant touching up or repair and often can be used instead of painted surfaces or melamine materials.



Specify with confidence knowing your materials are backed by a 10 year warranty for both ABET Laminati HPL and Stratificato compact laminate.



The growth and development of our communities has a large impact on our natural environment. Abet Laminati has been approved for the highest standard of non-toxic material specification in the building industry. Both our HPL and Stratificato compact laminate are approved in all solid colours, textures and timbers in all thicknesses. The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is an independently verified document that communicates transparent and comparable information about the life cycle environmental impact of products. Indoor Advantage Gold Scheme relates specifically to Indoor VOC emissions and air quality in environments and is comparable to Greenguard Gold.

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[fbvc_style_five icon_fa=”fa fa-building-o” show_btn=”no” box_color=”#eeee22″ icon_size=”65″ heading_f_size=”18″ desc_f_size=”16″ title=”Exteriors” desc=”You only have one chance to make a first impression, and for a brick and mortar store, that first impression is the exterior of your building. Your exterior architecture is a powerful tool for showcasing your brand and your personality. It should be enticing, welcoming and clearly recognisable for your customers. MEG is a highly versatile construction product suitable for cladding façades, balconies, sunscreens, outdoor furniture and outdoor signage. It is resistant to natural weathering and is available in a wide range of themes – or can be completely customised thanks to digital printing techniques. This is a great option to update existing buildings and requires no painting, finishing or sealing.” icon_color=”#0a0a0a” heading_color=”#0a0a0a” desc_color=”#0a0a0a”]
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[fbvc_style_five icon_fa=”fa fa-trello” show_btn=”no” box_color=”#eeee22″ icon_size=”65″ heading_f_size=”18″ desc_f_size=”16″ title=”Furniture” desc=”Retail furniture takes a beating. Depending on the store, it is subject to damage by hot dishes, keys, shoes, spills, glasswear, coathangers and various other items. Hence, the top priority in designing retail furniture is strength, durability and ease to clean. It must also have hygienic properties, due to the high traffic levels. Tabletops, seating and planter boxes made from High Pressure Laminate and SURPAC are ideal for retail spaces, as they are scratch-resistant, flame-retardant, easy to clean and have a strong inner core to stand the test of time.” heading_color=”#0a0a0a” desc_color=”#0a0a0a” icon_color=”#000000″][ot_image_glallery gallery=”43535,43534,44169″ columns=”3″ cropimage=”yes” width=”700″ height=”466″ common_title=”Furniture”]
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Nail Society Indooroopilly

While most nails and beauty spas have similar functional aspects, the point of difference comes in the aesthetics of the designed space. Nail Society wanted to stand out as a luxurious relaxing space for its clients. Their choice of colours had to include gold, to convey that vision. Our metal laminate range has extensive colours and textures to choose from, giving the client the freedom of choice. The inclusion of gold brushed trims in 874 Satinata gave the space a fresh and unique look, but mostly added a luxurious and exclusive look.

Project Information:

Nail Society, Indooroopilly, QLD

Product: 874 Satinata

Design by: Nancy Vuong at NV Design Agency

fitout completed by What’s on Projects

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