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Looking for colour? At Surface Squared our High Pressure Laminate collection is curated with earthy tones in beige, cream and terracotta through to burnt shades such as mud and brick. Combine these with dove greys or dusty pink to create a warm and sophisticated pallet. We have everything from earthy neutrals of Sahara Beige 1816, Sand 2901, Mini White 810, through to greens of Green Apple 1851, Green Bud 842 or Agave 1947 and reds such as Terracotta 432 or Antique Red 435.  Our Colors Collection includes more than 140 plain colours in High Pressure Laminates.HPL characteristics of wear resistance, versatility in cutting and ease of processing and cleaning make it the ideal material for all applications where it is necessary to combine resistance and design.Visit our website to order samples for your next project. 

Discover the world of metals.Previously seen as an outdoor material for roofs and siding, metals are now firmly entrenched as the hottest trend in interior design. Often used as an accent piece, such as on light fittings and window frames, you may not know that you can use metals on any interior surface where you would apply laminate.  Walls, doors, cabinets, columns - you name it, it can feature your favourite metal. Whether you love the warm tones of gold, copper and brass, or the cool chromes of stainless steel and nickel, our Metal High Pressure Laminate will create the statement look you have been searching for.  Imagine a warehouse wall draped in copper to add a rustic, industrial feel. Or a feature wall adorned in brushed gold, offering a sleek look in your commercial office. Our Metal High Pressure Laminate uses real metal foil to give an authentic metal

  Product: Polaris. Location: Adelaide. Architect: Cox Architecture. Joiner: John Reuther. What do Luciano Pavarotti, Whoopi Goldberg and Don Bradman all have in common? It’s an odd group who seemingly have little in common apart from being famous. The link? They have all performed at Adelaide’s iconic Her Majesty’s Theatre. And now, so has Surface Squared! In fact, we will continue to perform at Her Majesty’s every night for many years to come. Granted, our performance is a little different to the celebrities who grace the stage - but every bit as important. Why? Because our Polaris High Pressure Laminate by ABET Laminati is now a permanent feature act within this historic establishment. Built in 1913, Her Majesty’s is one of the last remaining Tivoli Theatres that were once found in capital cities across the country. An icon of Australian theatre, she recently unveiled a full-scale renovation, showcasing our Polaris as a key

Do you think that ‘going green’ requires sacrifice?  For decades, consumers have been concerned about the environment and our impact on it, but thought that green options didn’t translate into good design. We had to choose between saving the planet or saving our aesthetics.   Consumers can now achieve beautifully-designed spaces that have minimal impact on the environment, are healthy for the inhabitants, and contribute towards a sustainable future. One of the reasons we choose to work with our European supplier ABET Laminati is because they share the same environmental respect that we do. Their products have achieved a range of environmental certifications, which we are pleased to pass on to our Australian customers. For 20 years, ABET Laminati has held ISO 14001 certification, which provides assurance that environmental impact is being continually monitored and improved.  ABET has also obtained both the voluntary ‘Chain of Custody’ certifications that guarantee products have

Royal Hobart Hospital takes you on a ''A Trip to the Antarctic!'' At Surface Squared we are so excited to showcase K-Block of the Royal Hobart Hospital designed by Lyons Architecture! The project was completed in early 2020 and has delivered many firsts for the RHH. The initial brief from the RHH was quite broad – a wow factor and something that would make the kids excited. The theme that was integrated throughout was “A trip to the Antarctic*” which was represented in the walls, corridors, lighting bedheads and flooring.  Architects: Lyons in collaboration with Terrior Client: Tasmanian Department of Health Builder: John Holland Fairbrother Joint Venture Photography: John Gollings Product: Digital Print Andim Taip from Lyons said “For the lift lobby, this theme was further emphasised with the wall panelling and the ceiling lights. The lights were designed to resemble the Aurora Australis. The wall panelling includes a map of the routes from