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Saving cost and reducing waste with Stratificato large sheet sizes Manufactured using ABET Laminati Stratificato in a 13mm thickness in 2 new sheet sizes: 4200×1860 and 4200×1610 creating the best optomisation for 2100 high partitions. The benefits include . . .  Waste minimisation Ever considered where the offcuts of your material go? With so much material ending up in skip bins and eventually landfill, it’s time to pay more attention to the scrap heap. Stratificato comes in a sheet size of 4200, providing a partitioning height of 2100. This means there is no material wasted. Cost reduction Utilising manufacturing capabilities to produce a sheet that allows minimal offcuts during fabrication contributes to a significant cost saving. You are simply not paying for material that you throw away. Privacy maximisation Traditional toilet and shower partitioning height is 1800mm high, Making the gap between the floor and the bottom of the stall 300mm. Stratificato reduces this to

We are sure you have seen, used or got some samples of Abet Laminati colours before. Abet offers hundreds of colours, textures and finishes that will make your design vision a reality.   High Pressure Laminate by ABET Laminati Project: Craigieburn Recreation and Leisure Centre Architect: Peddle Thorp Stratificato by ABET Laminati  Project: Mill Park Leisure Centre Architect: Mantric Architecture Builder: CICG Commercial Industrial Construction Group. Architects: Lyons in collaboration with Terrior Client: Tasmanian Department of HealthBuilder: John Holland Fairbrother Joint VenturePhotography: John Gollings Product: Digital Print View our product range from ABET LAMIANTI

It’s well known that spending time in nature is good for us. It rejuvenates our physical being, instills a sense of calmness and relaxation, and stimulates creativity and productivity.So why not bring these benefits indoors? Holz in Form have done just that, taking their cues from nature to create a range of stunning indoor surfaces.  Their range of panels is extensive, from classic to rustic to modern, to suit any interior scheme. Examples of textures include waves, chopped timber, pebbles and diamonds. Most recently Holz in Form have released Bar, Light and Match, which are exquisite linear textures to suit a modern interior environment.The panels can be applied to almost any indoor surface, bringing the incredible outside world inside to stimulate the senses and enjoy all the benefits that nature can provide. Care Park Control Room Location: Melbourne CBD Product: Holz in Form Architect: Studio Equator Holz in Form - Bed Heads Holz in Form are a

Discover the world of metals.Previously seen as an outdoor material for roofs and siding, metals are now firmly entrenched as the hottest trend in interior design. Often used as an accent piece, such as on light fittings and window frames, you may not know that you can use metals on any interior surface where you would apply laminate.  Walls, doors, cabinets, columns - you name it, it can feature your favourite metal. Whether you love the warm tones of gold, copper and brass, or the cool chromes of stainless steel and nickel, our Metal High Pressure Laminate will create the statement look you have been searching for.  Imagine a warehouse wall draped in copper to add a rustic, industrial feel. Or a feature wall adorned in brushed gold, offering a sleek look in your commercial office. Our Metal High Pressure Laminate uses real metal foil to give an authentic metal

Have you seen our new website?We designed it for you. We have spent the last few months giving our website a complete overhaul to make your life easier when selecting products for your building or design project. Did you know you can order product samples straight from our website? Whether you are interested in high pressure laminate, writable surfaces or anti-fingerprint materials, you can easily select your favourite options from the website and have them delivered directly to your home or place of business. No need to visit a showroom or even make a phone call if you don’t want to. Simply order samples from the comfort of your home or office and see how they work in your space. As a solutions-oriented company, our website is now also filled with all the information you need to make important decisions for your specialist industry project. You can easily search

  Product: Polaris. Location: Adelaide. Architect: Cox Architecture. Joiner: John Reuther. What do Luciano Pavarotti, Whoopi Goldberg and Don Bradman all have in common? It’s an odd group who seemingly have little in common apart from being famous. The link? They have all performed at Adelaide’s iconic Her Majesty’s Theatre. And now, so has Surface Squared! In fact, we will continue to perform at Her Majesty’s every night for many years to come. Granted, our performance is a little different to the celebrities who grace the stage - but every bit as important. Why? Because our Polaris High Pressure Laminate by ABET Laminati is now a permanent feature act within this historic establishment. Built in 1913, Her Majesty’s is one of the last remaining Tivoli Theatres that were once found in capital cities across the country. An icon of Australian theatre, she recently unveiled a full-scale renovation, showcasing our Polaris as a key

Do you think that ‘going green’ requires sacrifice?  For decades, consumers have been concerned about the environment and our impact on it, but thought that green options didn’t translate into good design. We had to choose between saving the planet or saving our aesthetics.   Consumers can now achieve beautifully-designed spaces that have minimal impact on the environment, are healthy for the inhabitants, and contribute towards a sustainable future. One of the reasons we choose to work with our European supplier ABET Laminati is because they share the same environmental respect that we do. Their products have achieved a range of environmental certifications, which we are pleased to pass on to our Australian customers. For 20 years, ABET Laminati has held ISO 14001 certification, which provides assurance that environmental impact is being continually monitored and improved.  ABET has also obtained both the voluntary ‘Chain of Custody’ certifications that guarantee products have

Royal Hobart Hospital takes you on a ''A Trip to the Antarctic!'' At Surface Squared we are so excited to showcase K-Block of the Royal Hobart Hospital designed by Lyons Architecture! The project was completed in early 2020 and has delivered many firsts for the RHH. The initial brief from the RHH was quite broad – a wow factor and something that would make the kids excited. The theme that was integrated throughout was “A trip to the Antarctic*” which was represented in the walls, corridors, lighting bedheads and flooring.  Architects: Lyons in collaboration with Terrior Client: Tasmanian Department of Health Builder: John Holland Fairbrother Joint Venture Photography: John Gollings Product: Digital Print Andim Taip from Lyons said “For the lift lobby, this theme was further emphasised with the wall panelling and the ceiling lights. The lights were designed to resemble the Aurora Australis. The wall panelling includes a map of the routes from

Is managing COVID-19 a priority for you right now?If you work in any industry involving groups of people, you are probably scrambling to adapt to the changes brought about by this unprecedented global pandemic.Yes, the world has changed forever.Hugging our friends in greeting, shaking hands with a business acquaintance, kids drinking from the school bubbler.It was mere months ago, but all these acts are now a distant memory.Of course, many of these things will return, but there will be permanent changes to many aspects of our lives.One of the biggest changes will be to the way we manage hygiene and cleanliness.What if we told you that you can now easily access a simple solution to ensure ultimate sanitation to incorporate into your designs? Both now, in the midst of COVID-19, and as a viable option moving forward into our new normal.Introducing Lamishield by ABET Laminati, an

Can’t find the perfect shade for your project? Your dream colours recently discontinued? Still looking for that unique texture to add originality to your project?  At Surface Squared, we have exactly what you are looking for. Why? Because we stock the largest High Pressure Laminate range currently available on the Australian market by ABET Laminati.While other companies are actively discontinuing colours and textures from their range, ABET continues to evolve and add to their existing pallet. Our new 2020 collection still features all the colours and textures you know and love - plus many new additions we know you will fall for!With 2020 colour trends predicted to centre around contemporary nostalgia, tonal botanics, raw neutrals and opulent indulgence, our new additions couldn’t be more perfect.If you want a design lead colour pallet by a leading European manufacture forget the rest and get in touch. Our team has specialist knowledge and customer service. We have hundreds

Have you ever been at university for hours on end, desperately trying to feel inspired enough to complete your assignment? For too long, universities have struggled to create interesting, interactive, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing learning spaces. The boring libraries, labs and classrooms do little to encourage learning - instead, they encourage students to run for the hills! Spowers Architects were engaged by Melbourne’s RMIT University to design a more active style of learning, where students and teachers could interact and collaborate with each other. This style of learning is becoming popular around the world and has even been thought to increase students’ academic results. Surface Squared was able to turn RMIT’s vision into reality with solutions that not only enabled interactivity within the learning environment, but also added to the aesthetic feel of the campus.  So how did we help Spowers Architects transform boring blank walls into something exciting? Simple - they were made writable!

The Australian government investment in our nation’s schools will increase by 68% over the next 10 years, as 650,000 new students begin their education journey. Each state has also pledged extra funding to build new schools and upgrade existing ones. NSW: $6 billion over the next 4 years, VIC: $1.23 billion in 2018/2019, QLD: $14.1 billion in 2018/2019, WA: $22.2 billion over the next 4 years, TAS: $6.75 billion over the next 4 years, SA: More than $1 billion funding into capital projects, ACT: Extra $210 million new investment on top of the annual $1.2 billion funding This creates an excellent opportunity for schools to plan, design and create a space that will have a profound impact on the way students learn and teachers teach.According to ‘Good to Great Schools Australia’,  high quality instruction within the classroom is the keystone to education reform. There is also a wealth of research supporting the notion that pleasant and inspiring surroundings have a direct impact

Children are just learning to navigate and be inspired by the world around them and are highly influenced by their surroundings. This means that the design of a childcare centre requires a delicate balance. The design must enhance the social and physical development of children, but also provide a practical and safe space for both the children and their educators.

When NBN Co amalgamated all its corporate sites into one location at Collins Square they required functional storage facilities for their activity based workforce. They were after with strikingly individual colour palette for these lockers. Surface Squared supplied its famous Green (845 Sei) and Yellow (860 Sei) to achieve the client's vision and brief. Surface Squared offers the broadest range of High Pressure Laminate (HPL) colours in Australia. Our solid colour HPL’s are from the world leaders in laminate design, ABET Laminati Italy. This range has been hand-selected from the latest European design trends to provide both you, and your design team, with an extensive selection of decors to meet any design requirement. Order your samples now at surface squared.com.au or call us to discuss your project 1300 722113 Client: Lockin Lockers for  NBN Co. Architect:  PTID Builder:  Schiavello Constructions

High Pressure Laminate is commonly referred to as HPL and is manufactured under 1000kg per-square-metre of pressure pressing down on 6 to 8 layers of kraft paper bonded with phenolic resin glue, then topped by a polymer facing. Applications include bench-tops, joinery, wall panelling, lockers, tables where scuff resistance is prominent. When you purchase HPL sheet, it is generally not attached to a substrate such as MDF or craftwood. Attaching it to a timber substrate is an entirely separate process which is commonly referred to as “laying up the laminate”. It should be attached to a dense substrate (base wood layer) for best results. Surface Squared uses moisture resistant Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) as the substrate and ABET High-Pressure Laminates as the decorative surface. This results in the best possible finish with maximum durability. High Pressure Laminate in 860 Sei Yellow and 1830 Sei Grey from Abet Laminati.Architect :Williams Ross Architects. Joiner

This state-of-the-art EOT facility sets the bar for corporate luxury.101 Collins Street is an iconic Melbourne building, boasting many blue-chip companies among its tenants. So, when the building management decided to create an end-of-trip facility (EOT) to cater for the growing number of tenants who rode or jogged into work, it was clear this was going to be a state-of-the-art, high-end environment that would set the bar for corporate luxury.Surface Squared High Pressure Laminates were specified for wall paneling. Abet Laminati's 421 lucida 2, 881 lucida & 879 lucida 2 were used for an elegant and high-end look. Call our team at 1300 722 113 for any inquiries. Architecture: Gray Puksand Builder: Shape Australia Colours used: 421 lucida 2, 881 lucida & 879 lucida 2