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The rise of experiential travel has been one of the biggest trends in the hotel industry in the last few years. Travelers of all age groups continue to demand more authentic and meaningful experiences from their tourism operators. The big trends we are seeing in hotel design include eco-friendliness, incorporating local features, blurring indoor / outdoor lines, experiential social spaces and buzzing social lobbies.


We live in a very visual age, and restaurants now need to be as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. With the social media savvy millennials and centennials taking over the demographics, it’s highly important to consider the Instagram potential of your venue. Developing a dining space that is photogenic and unique enough to be posted on social media will give you a big edge over your competitors.


Bars and cocktail lounges are increasingly focused on creating innovative, aesthetically pleasing designs that draw the crowds. Venues that capture the imagination and soothe the soul not only turn a profit, but become destinations in their own right. Creating warm intimacy, with themed furniture and decorative wall coverings should be a priority in any bar.

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Durability and low maintenance are considered together as a criterion for product selection in hospitality design. We provide materials that perform under tough conditions and don’t contribute to the ongoing maintenance schedule of a building. Our HPL and Stratificato compact laminate don’t need constant touching up or repair and often can be used instead of painted surfaces or melamine materials.



Specify with confidence knowing your materials are backed by a 10 year warranty for both ABET Laminati HPL and Stratificato compact laminate.



Your brand is more than just a logo; it represents everything that consumers think and feel about your hotel, restaurant or bar. Brand identity is what separates you from your competitors and gives you an edge in the industry. Consider how your logo, your colour scheme and your signage are represented within the establishment. Use surface products that support your brand, and create custom items when required.

[fbvc_style_five icon_fa=”fa fa-building-o” show_btn=”no” box_color=”#eeee22″ icon_size=”65″ heading_f_size=”18″ desc_f_size=”16″ title=”Exteriors” desc=”Exterior design is what guests first notice when they see your hotel, restaurant or bar. Many people will make a complete judgment on the basis of the exterior only, deciding whether or not to enter the establishment. That’s why it is vital your hospitality venue has a striking exterior, showcasing your personality and your brand. It also needs to withstand the elements, to make maintenance easy and affordable. MEG is a highly versatile product suitable for cladding façades, balconies, sunscreens, outdoor furniture and outdoor signage. It is resistant to natural weathering and is available in a wide range of themes – or can be completely customised thanks to digital printing techniques. It requires no painting, finishing or sealing.” icon_color=”#0a0a0a” heading_color=”#0a0a0a” desc_color=”#0a0a0a”][ot_image_glallery gallery=”43436,43437,43438″ columns=”3″ cropimage=”yes” width=”700″ height=”466″ common_title=”Exteriors”]
[fbvc_style_five icon_fa=”fa fa-clone” show_btn=”no” box_color=”#eeee22″ icon_size=”65″ heading_f_size=”18″ desc_f_size=”16″ title=”Corridor and Internal Doors” desc=”Corridors and doors should always fit the overall feel of the venue, but also need to be robust. In a hotel, corridors and doors are subject to damage by luggage and housekeeping trolleys, while in bars and restaurants, they are battered by intoxicated persons with glassware! We provide the perfect solution, with surfaces that are both visually stunning and durable.” icon_color=”#0a0a0a” heading_color=”#0a0a0a” desc_color=”#0a0a0a”][ot_image_glallery gallery=”43304,43319,2377″ columns=”3″ cropimage=”yes” width=”700″ height=”466″ common_title=”Corridors”]
[fbvc_style_five icon_fa=”fa fa-circle-o-notch” show_btn=”no” box_color=”#eeee22″ icon_size=”65″ heading_f_size=”18″ desc_f_size=”16″ title=”Furniture” desc=”Hospitality furniture is literally in the firing line! Seating, table tops and counters all take a battering from hot dishes, glassware and spills. A strong, durable material that is easy to clean is a top priority in a hospitality environment. It must also have hygienic properties, due to the high traffic levels. In hotel rooms, benches, bed heads and wardrobes made from High Pressure Laminate or SURPAC are ideal, as they are scratch-resistant, flame-retardant, easy to clean and have a strong inner core to withstand any bumps.” heading_color=”#0a0a0a” desc_color=”#0a0a0a” icon_color=”#000000″ el_class=”fbox-border”][ot_image_glallery gallery=”42276,43739,40681″ columns=”3″ cropimage=”yes” width=”700″ height=”466″ common_title=”Furniture”]
[fbvc_style_five icon_fa=”fa fa-columns” show_btn=”no” box_color=”#eeee22″ icon_size=”65″ heading_f_size=”18″ desc_f_size=”16″ title=”Lifts and Surrounds” desc=”While a lift is a practical inclusion in hospitality venues to assist patrons moving between floors, they are a great way to your showcase your brand and personality. After all, you have a captive audience! A lift can be more vibrant and creative in a hospitality venue and our extensive range of finishes will help you achieve this! We can even create a fully customised design for your specific needs. Our materials are Group 1 fire-rated to ensure the safety of patrons and staff.” heading_color=”#0a0a0a” desc_color=”#0a0a0a” icon_color=”#000000″][ot_image_glallery gallery=”43371,43370,43369″ columns=”3″ cropimage=”yes” width=”700″ height=”466″]
[fbvc_style_five icon_fa=”fa fa-users” show_btn=”no” box_color=”#eeee22″ icon_size=”65″ heading_f_size=”18″ desc_f_size=”16″ title=”Foyer and Reception” desc=”The foyer and reception areas of hotels, restaurants and bars are the first point of contact for your guests and should set the tone for the rest of the venue. Our custom-designed digital print surfaces will ensure your foyer is on-brand and on-trend. Consider our bulk head products to section off areas, and tie in function rooms with the foyer for a consistent theme. These high-traffic areas also needs to be durable, with low maintenance costs. Our HPL can be curved to accommodate reception desks and columns.” heading_color=”#0a0a0a” desc_color=”#0a0a0a” icon_color=”#000000″][ot_image_glallery gallery=”43138,43133,43137″ columns=”3″ cropimage=”yes” width=”700″ height=”466″ common_title=”Foyers”]
[fbvc_style_five icon_fa=”fa fa-sign-language” show_btn=”no” box_color=”#eeee22″ icon_size=”65″ heading_f_size=”18″ desc_f_size=”16″ title=”Service Areas” desc=”Communal service areas such as car parks, food preparation areas and laundries have a specific need in the sense that they are damp, high moisture areas. Thus, materials used must be waterproof, mould-resistant and anti-bacterial, while still being visually appealing. Our decorative surfaces fulfil this need and are more durable than paint, resisting marks from cars and bikes, dishes and laundry baskets. They are also fire-retardant and easy to wipe clean.” heading_color=”#0a0a0a” desc_color=”#0a0a0a” icon_color=”#000000″][ot_image_glallery gallery=”43728,43644,41995″ columns=”3″ cropimage=”yes” width=”700″ height=”466″ common_title=”Service Areas”]

Tell us what you’re working on, and we’ll help you with the best solution.