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April 2021

Discover the world of metals.Previously seen as an outdoor material for roofs and siding, metals are now firmly entrenched as the hottest trend in interior design. Often used as an accent piece, such as on light fittings and window frames, you may not know that you can use metals on any interior surface where you would apply laminate.  Walls, doors, cabinets, columns - you name it, it can feature your favourite metal. Whether you love the warm tones of gold, copper and brass, or the cool chromes of stainless steel and nickel, our Metal High Pressure Laminate will create the statement look you have been searching for.  Imagine a warehouse wall draped in copper to add a rustic, industrial feel. Or a feature wall adorned in brushed gold, offering a sleek look in your commercial office. Our Metal High Pressure Laminate uses real metal foil to give an authentic metal