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Tarneit Central Shopping Centre

“Feature design just cannot be done with pre-finished melamine board”

The Buchan Group in Melbourne were looking for a unique bulkhead design when setting out the finishing wall features at the Tarneit Central Shopping Centre. The brickwork pattern in the image below was designed using a natural colour scheme that encapsulates the light and shade at various times of the day.
The definitive colour palette available from the ABET High Pressure Laminate (HPL) range, uses combinations as per the architectural drawings required pressing HPL onto a substrate with clever aesthetic design.


Four ABET colours, 406, 420, 1810 and 868 in HR-LAQ gloss finish, were used together with a recessed aluminium highlight black channel and edged with Black ABS from Surface Squared. This outlined and featured each panel as installed by Star Ceilings to the Buchan Groups preferred layout.
Surface Squared was able to support the architects design concept by finding a solution for the finished experience shown in the drawings below. With ABET’s HPL colours you get a 0.9mm thick decorative surface versus a 0.1mm that is offered by pre-finished board increasing durability and longevity. With pre-finished board you are limited by a small colour range and single sheet size that doesn’t accommodate a broad creative concept.
Star Ceilings Operations Manager Kyle Savage said the installation went smoothly, with the obvious quality of the finished product demanding the attention that our business was able to bring to the installation and the overall design required by The Buchan Group. A quality you cannot achieve with pre-finished board.

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