Surply is a range of engineered plywood products available in a variety of sheet sizes and wide range of thicknesses. Surply is lighter in weight, providing ease of handling and fabrication allowing for design flexibility. Surply white birch is available pressed with ABET Laminati HPL, which is ideally suited for table tops, furniture and joinery exposing the layered edge detail of the material.
Surply now comes in a range of sheets with surface overlays of patterned compounds together with core treatments to provide noise attenuation and trafficable surfaces


The White Birch Multiply is an E0 certified multi-layer panel constructed using thin cross bonding veneers approximately 1.4mm thick. The White Birch is harvested from the Siberian regions of Russia. Siberian White Birch Multiply plywood is easy to fabricate and ideally suited for detailed trim work in both interior and exterior applications.

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Surface Squared offers the entire ABET Laminati high pressure laminate range pressed onto Siberian White Birch Multiply. ABET on White Birch is ideally suited for table tops, commercial furniture and joinery exposing the layered edge detail of the white birch.For versatility and ease when specifying for your next project, ABET on White Birch is available in 2440×1220 and in thicknesses from 6mm – 30mm.

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SURPLY Opal is birch plywood overlaid with a film on both faces. The wear face has a special surface pattern. Pattern gives matte surface effect. The reverse face usually is smooth.

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Speciality SURPLY


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Iron Birch Plywood is a special film faced plywood coated with German made wear resistant material (wearing capacity at least 4000 Taber test rotations). Iron Birch Plywood is up to 20 times more wear-resistant than a standard surface. This plywood has a mesh working surface (FW). Edges are protected with water-dispersible acrylic paint. Standard surface of film faced plywood with a density of 120 g/m2 (according to laboratory tests).


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SURPLY Deck is a structural engineered birch plywood that has a unique surface overlay of black glass fiber that requires zero post finishing. This makes it the ideal material for flooring applications.


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RIGA Silent is designed to improve sound insulation in construction. Utilising 2 or 3mm Cork-Rubber composite as the core increases transmission loss when used as a barrier to the passage of unwanted noise.


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Composite TPO Birch Plywood is grey (RAL 7000), thermoplastic, textured polyolefin overlay. It is flexible, wear resistant, does not crack, resistant to chemicals and UV.


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