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Surface Squared now performing at iconic Australian theatre.


Product: Polaris. Location: Adelaide. Architect: Cox Architecture. Joiner: John Reuther.

What do Luciano Pavarotti, Whoopi Goldberg and Don Bradman all have in common?
It’s an odd group who seemingly have little in common apart from being famous. The link? They have all performed at Adelaide’s iconic Her Majesty’s Theatre.
And now, so has Surface Squared! In fact, we will continue to perform at Her Majesty’s every night for many years to come.
Granted, our performance is a little different to the celebrities who grace the stage – but every bit as important. Why? Because our Polaris High Pressure Laminate by ABET Laminati is now a permanent feature act within this historic establishment.

Built in 1913, Her Majesty’s is one of the last remaining Tivoli Theatres that were once found in capital cities across the country. An icon of Australian theatre, she recently unveiled a full-scale renovation, showcasing our Polaris as a key feature of the main entrance foyer.  
The revamp, designed by Cox Architecture and fabricated by John  Reuther at JRCM Commercial Joinery, includes a 1467-seat auditorium over three levels, increased backstage areas, a large rehearsal space and improved accessibility. However, the feature act are the two sweeping staircases adorning the entrance that are now proudly wrapped in Polaris.
Polaris was chosen to embellish the staircases for a number of reasons.
Firstly, the surface needs to be highly durable to withstand the traffic it will endure. As the main access points to the higher levels of the theatre, thousands of guests walk the stairs each day. Polaris is highly resistant to scratches, shock, scuff marks and heat, as well as being anti-fingerprint using cutting edge nanotechnology, making it perfect for high-traffic and high-touch areas such as staircases.
Secondly, as the staircases are a main element of the entrance foyer, they had to look striking. Polaris presents as an extra-matte, smooth velvety surface in a range of muted colours that can blend into ultra-contemporary projects or more classic styles.
In the case of Her Majesty’s, the new design reintroduces original Edwardian elements that were lost in a previous renovation, and the staircases were designed to reflect the Art Nouveau style that was popular when the theatre was first built. 
The result is a stunning nod to the era, enhanced with modern design and practicality.
So, the celebrities of Her Majesty’s might have to withstand the pressures of live performance, but we must withstand the pressures of thousands of theatregoers traipsing up and down our surface every night for many years.


Product: Polaris. Location: Adelaide. Architect: Cox Architecture. Joiner: John Reuther.

Polaris truly is the perfect performance piece for such a task – and for such a grand establishment.
If you are working on a renovation, or new project, and are interested in knowing more about Polaris, please contact us. We’d love to help make your dreams a reality.

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