SURPAC is a self-supporting decorative panel that can be used both horizontally and vertically in a broad range of applications. SURPAC is characterised by its distinctive black core which is made up of layers of cellulose fibres infused with phenolic resins. This creates a self-supporting decorative panel that offers excellent mechanical and physical properties. SURPAC is extremely durable and has a high resistance to wear, impact and moisture. Its properties allow versatility and ease in machining, fixing and fabrication making it ideal for any application where strength, durability and design are required.


SURPAC maintains its aesthetic and performance characteristics for the entirety of its life cycle in the most demanding interior and joinery environments. SURPAC has a vast range of mechanical and physical properties not available in traditional substrates.

Ready to use

No post treatment such as painting, edging or sealing required.

Cost effective

Excellent durability extends the life cycle and longevity. Durability reduces commercial maintenance schedule.

Various thickness & sheet sizes

SURPAC allows the designer to de-gauge and use thinner sheets in application. Various sheet sizes allow for excellent optimization and minimal waste.

Easily machined

Easily fabricated using wood working machinery.


    •   Medical Facilities: Hospitals, surgery and laboratories.
    •   Aged Care: Furniture, wall linings and lift surrounds.
    •   Shopping Centres: Food courts, bulk heads and retail stores.
    •   Sports and Aquatic Stadiums: Change rooms, common areas and seating.
    • Transport: Trams, trains and buses.
    •   Education: Desks, lockers and bag racks.
    •   Agriculture and Animal Enclosures: Kennels, breeding pens and partitioning.
    •   Portable and Relocatable Housing: Ceiling panels, soffits and balustrades.


  •   Select any decorative surface from the Surface Squared colour palette.
  •   Custom digital print capabilities.
  •   Labgrade range.
  •   Exterior and UV stable options.
  •   Engraving and CNC designs.
  •   Anti-graffiti surfaces.
  •   Standard white sheet available for testing.
  •   Multiple sheet sizes available for excellent optimization and minimal waste.
  •   Multiple thicknesses available from 2-20mm.


With over 600 decors available, we are sure we have something to suit your project needs.
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SURPAC 13mm 3660x1830 Suede

SURPAC CHEM 13mm 3660x1525 Suede

SURPAC FINGUARD Single Faced Anti Fingerprint
3050 x 1220 / 2440 x 1220

SURPAC Various thicknesses 2.5 – 8mm