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Durability and low maintenance are considered together as a criterion for product selection in offices. We provide materials that perform under tough conditions and don’t contribute to the ongoing maintenance schedule of a building. Our HPL and Stratificato compact laminate don’t need constant touching up or repair and often can be used instead of painted surfaces or melamine materials.



The flexible needs of tasks warrant dynamic design in the workplace. More focus is put on furniture to become increasingly lightweight and multifunctional while maintaining the technological innovations needed. With employee satisfaction becoming a key metric to the overall performance of an organisation.  As organisations continue to realise that becoming more human-centric is actually healthy for the bottom line, more attention is paid to the aesthetics of the used materials in offices and amnesties.



The push towards sustainability in the workplace is at its peak as we become increasingly aware of the negative impact we continue to have on the environment. Office design utilising minimally processed materials, recycled materials, natural wood with greater usage of natural light will continue to shape modern office design trends..

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[fbvc_style_five icon_fa=”fas fa-wine-bottle” show_btn=”no” box_color=”#eeee22″ icon_size=”54″ heading_f_size=”18″ desc_f_size=”16″ title=”Desks” heading_color=”#0a0a0a” desc_color=”#0a0a0a” icon_color=”#000000″ desc=”Companies are looking for long-lasting furniture pieces to save money and encourage employee engagement, highlighting the need for durable surfaces for their furniture. Our Polaris range is a popular material for furniture items in offices. Its durability, matte finish and smoothness makes it ideal for desks and board meeting tables.”][ot_image_glallery gallery=”44069,44070,44252″ columns=”3″ cropimage=”yes” width=”700″ height=”466″ common_title=”Desks”]
[fbvc_style_five icon_fa=”fas fa-concierge-bell” show_btn=”no” box_color=”#eeee22″ icon_size=”65″ heading_f_size=”18″ desc_f_size=”16″ title=”Reception Area” icon_color=”#0a0a0a” heading_color=”#0a0a0a” desc_color=”#0a0a0a” desc=”Every reception area is a critical welcome point for any brand. Understanding the value in creating a great first impression, makes the materials chosen for this area of high importance. Materials must be aesthetically pleasing yet low maintenance, good quality and long lasting. Consider our decorative timber panels by Holz in Form for a warm, yet on-trend look.”]
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[fbvc_style_five icon_fa=”fas fa-low-vision” show_btn=”no” box_color=”#eeee22″ icon_size=”65″ heading_f_size=”18″ desc_f_size=”16″ title=”Lockers” icon_color=”#0a0a0a” heading_color=”#0a0a0a” desc_color=”#0a0a0a” desc=”Lockers play a big role in the everyday life of an employee. They can enhance thier experience – or be a source of stress! Good lockers should be strong, durable, functional and look great! Our SURPAC is the perfect surface for school lockers. It offers a myriad of colour options, including custom prints, as well as an anti-graffiti surface, excellent water-resistant capabilities and is easy to clean and maintain. The material can be adapted to any style and size of locker to suit your space and purpose.”][ot_image_glallery gallery=”44245,44223,44251″ columns=”3″ cropimage=”yes” width=”700″ height=”466″ common_title=”Lockers”]
[fbvc_style_five icon_fa=”fas fa-pen” show_btn=”no” box_color=”#eeee22″ icon_size=”65″ heading_f_size=”18″ desc_f_size=”16″ title=”Writable Surfaces” heading_color=”#0a0a0a” desc_color=”#0a0a0a” icon_color=”#000000″ desc=”Magnetico and Writable Surfaces are the go-to products for office fit out projects, used by all staff and employees. Magnetico is a magnetic writable surface that can adapt between an easy-to-clean white board, a magnetic surface and a projection screen. It is also available as a traditional black chalk board. Writable Surfaces are an extension of the Magnetico range and offer more than 20 high gloss colours that add value to any space.”][ot_image_glallery gallery=”44261,44262,35703″ columns=”3″ cropimage=”yes” width=”700″ height=”466″ common_title=”Writable Surfaces”]
[fbvc_style_five icon_fa=”fab fa-accessible-icon” show_btn=”no” box_color=”#eeee22″ icon_size=”65″ heading_f_size=”18″ desc_f_size=”16″ title=”Lift + Surrounds” icon_color=”#0a0a0a” heading_color=”#0a0a0a” desc_color=”#0a0a0a” desc=”A lift is a vital piece of equipment in a high rise office building, assisting employees to reach high floors with ease and speed. Whether you want your lift to make a statement or blend into its surroundings, our extensive range of finishes will meet the needs of your aged care facility. Our HPL has a Group 1 fire-rating to ensure the safety of employees and visitors.”]
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[fbvc_style_five icon_fa=”fab fa-accessible-icon” show_btn=”no” box_color=”#eeee22″ icon_size=”65″ heading_f_size=”18″ desc_f_size=”16″ title=”Common Areas” icon_color=”#0a0a0a” heading_color=”#0a0a0a” desc_color=”#0a0a0a” desc=”With employee satisfaction becoming a key metric to the overall performance of an organisation. Experience spaces will start to become the norm throughout this decade. From Virtual Reality Rooms, rock climbing walls, meditation areas, gaming rooms, music booths and rooftop jogging trails to daycare facilities, 2020 office design trends and beyond will be designed with employees in mind, as organisations continue to realise that becoming more human-centric is actually healthy for the bottom line.”][ot_image_glallery gallery=”41572,41403,35703″ columns=”3″ cropimage=”yes” width=”700″ height=”466″ common_title=”Common Areas”]

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