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Magnetico and Writable Surfaces by ABET LAMINATI


Magnetico by ABET LAMINATI is a magnetic writable surface suitable for applications in education, medical, hospitality, workplaces and the home. The high gloss HR-LAQ finish creates a clean crisp surface that is easily dry erased for multiple uses. Magnetico also comes in a Soft finish for traditional chalk board applications. Magnetico can be used as a projection screen, making it multi-functional and adaptable for any space.  

During the manufacturing process, a thin sheet of metal is embedded into the material. This creates a strong finished surface with the ability to hold magnets firmly without moving or slipping. These attributes make Magnetico the go-to writable surface material among architects and designers. 

Magnetico is stocked in 406 White HR-LAQ and 421 Black Soft, and comes in a sheet size of 3050×1250 and a thickness of 1mm. It is available in a dark green 450 and charcoal grey 879 for special orders. An extension of the Magnetico range is the entire high gloss HR-LAQ collection which can also be used as writable surfaces. The additional 20+ colours allow unlimited options for versatility and creativity in any space. For more information or samples on your next project contact Surface Squared on 1300 722 113 

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