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[ot_featured_boxes columns=”4″ titles=”%5B%7B%22title%22%3A%22About%22%2C%22desc%22%3A%22Surface%20Squared%20is%20a%20privately%20owned%20Australian%20business%20with%20offices%20in%20Victoria%2C%20Queensland%20and%20South%20Australia.%20We%20specialise%20in%20sourcing%20decorative%20surface%20and%20substrate%20materials%20from%20the%20best%20manufacturers%20in%20the%20world%2C%20including%20ABET%20Laminati%20and%20Holz%20in%20Form.%20Whether%20you%20are%20an%20Architect%2C%20Interior%20Designer%2C%20Builder%2C%20Cabinet%20Maker%20or%20managing%20a%20building%20project%20we%20are%20here%20to%20assist%20with%20your%20ideas%20and%20execution.%20Keenly%20working%20from%20design%20concepts%20through%20to%20the%20realities%20of%20the%20building%20process%2C%20our%20product%20knowledge%20is%20imperative%20in%20turning%20ideas%20into%20a%20reality.%20Our%20approach%20is%20knowledge%”]
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Surface Squared focuses on sourcing world leading decorative surface materials and bringing them to Australian architects and designers. Our product portfolio aims to supply materials suitable for any interior application, providing unique & unparalleled design led options. We support your specifications by providing responsive customer service with strong design and technical knowledge. For your next project, look no further than Surface Squared.

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Working on a specific projects and looking for inspiration? These application pages will help you choose the right surfaces, and meet your project requirements without compromising on any aesthetic features!

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Proud Distributor of ABET LAMINATI

We are sure you have seen, used or got some samples of Abet Laminati colours before. Abet offers hundreds of colours, textures and finishes that will make your design vision a reality.   View our product range from ABET LAMIANTI

Timber veneer structures for interiors and furniture.

It’s well known that spending time in nature is good for us. It rejuvenates our physical being, instills a sense of calmness and relaxation, and stimulates creativity and productivity. So why not bring these benefits indoors? Holz in Form have done just that, taking their cues from […]

It’s your time to shine with Surface Squared

Discover the world of metals.Previously seen as an outdoor material for roofs and siding, metals are now firmly entrenched as the hottest trend in interior design. Often used as an accent piece, such as on light fittings and window frames, you may not know that you […]

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