Creating Interactive & Fun spaces

Early Child Care, Schools, and Universities

Early Child Care

The Australian childcare industry is booming, providing great opportunities for architects, designers and builders to sink their creative teeth into. Children are just learning to navigate and be inspired by the world around them and are highly influenced by their surroundings. This means that the design of a childcare centre requires a delicate balance of a practical and safe space for both the children and their educators.


The Australian government investment in our nation’s schools will increase by 68% over the next 10 years, as 650,000 new students begin their schooling journey. Each state has also pledged extra funding to build new schools and upgrade existing ones. This creates an excellent opportunity for schools to plan, design and create a space that will have a profound impact on the way their students learn and their teachers teach.


For too long, universities have struggled to create interesting, interactive, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing learning spaces. The boring libraries, labs and classrooms do little to encourage learning – instead, they encourage students to run for the hills! Universities are keen to embrace a more active style of learning, where students and teachers interact and collaborate to help increase students’ academic results.

Looking for the right surface material?



Durability and low maintenance are considered together as a criterion for product selection in education. Surface Squared provides materials that perform under tough conditions and don’t contribute to the ongoing maintenance schedule of a building. Our HPL and Stratificato compact laminate don’t need constant touching up or repair and often can be used instead of painted surfaces or melamine materials.



Specify with confidence knowing your materials are backed with a 10 year warranty for both ABET Laminati HPL and Stratificato compact laminate



The growth and development of our communities has a large impact on our natural environment. Abet Laminati has been approved for the highest standard of non-toxic material specification in the building industry. Both our HPL and Stratificato compact laminate are approved in all solid colours, textures and timbers in all thicknesses. The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is an independently verified document that communicates transparent and comparable information about the life cycle environmental impact of products. Indoor Advantage Gold Scheme relates specifically to Indoor VOC emissions and air quality in environments and is comparable to Greenguard Gold.

Benches and Desks

Today’s school desks and tables have come a long way from some of the unimaginative school furniture of the past. Modern learning spaces need furniture that will engage the user allowing them to be stimulated not distracted. They also need to be durable, cost effective and chemical resistant. Our surfaces are highly versatile and are able to be used in a range of different bench deigns at different spaces such as labs, libraries, classrooms and many more.


Whether they are wall-mounted, free-standing or roll-away shelves, different shelving styles give you options for storing and displaying school's teaching resources. They also help in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. The first priority when it comes to schools' shelving is durability . Stratificato compact laminate is your best choice for shelving applications in school and education projects.

Wall Panelling

Wall panelling is a desirable decorative feature not just in education projects but in any contemporary space. Wall panelling can be a good way to give character to a space, fill in gaps, or to help a new extension blend in. It is cost effective, as it minimises the need for repainting areas regularly. They are also a fantastic way to add colour and texture to a space through a durable, waterproof, and environmental option.

Bag Racks

It's a common sight in schools. Outside and inside buildings, classrooms, cafeterias and in play areas. The clutter of students bags, backpacks, lunchboxes and anything else dropped in favour of the playground. Good quality racks provide ample temporary storage for backpacks, lunchboxes or other student belongings—perfect for lunch periods, brief recess periods, out on the playground or in classrooms where there are no cubbies. Bag racks offer a tidier space and assist to eliminate fire and trip hazards - and students easily adopt and use them.


Laboratory counters are students' workspace. They hold their equipment and projects and tools. They are needed as counter space for a writing surface, to catch spills, even to sit on… maybe. Our Stratificato compact laminate range is suitable as High School science Lab benches and have been independently tested for High School standards. Need something more hard core? When designing a university lab we have Labgrade and Labgrade plus for the more serious stuff.


Partitioning is referred as an enclosure used to surround toilets and showers in public bathrooms. Its essential to provide privacy to the person using the bathroom stall and needs to be durable and easy to clean. Our Stratificato compact laminate comes in a large sheet size of 4200x1860 in a huge range of colours. Why is this important? Floor to ceiling height is preferred for safety and privacy creating an anti-bullying space for all students. Our 4200 sheet cut in half creates a 2100 panel, hardly any off-cut reducing the cost of material.

Writable Surfaces

Magnetico and Writable Surfaces are the go-to products for education projects, used by both students and educators. Magnetico is a magnetic writable surface that can adapt between an easy-to-clean white board, a magnetic surface and a projection screen. It is also available as a traditional black chalk board. Writable Surfaces are an extension of the Magnetico range and offer more than 20 high gloss colours that add value to any space.


Lockers play a big role in the everyday life of a student. They can enhance the educational experience - or be a source of stress! Good lockers should be strong, durable, functional and look great! Our SURPAC is the perfect surface for school lockers. It offers a myriad of colour options, including custom prints, as well as an anti-graffiti surface, excellent water-resistant capabilities and is easy to clean and maintain. The material can be adapted to any style and size of locker to suit your space and purpose.


Educational architecture is a powerful tool for stimulating creativity, and enhancing concentration, motivation and understanding. The environment in which we study directly influences how knowledge is absorbed, so it is important for educational facilities to be sensitive towards landscape, flexibility, and the future. MEG is a highly versatile and flexible construction product suitable for cladding façades, balconies, sunscreens, outdoor furniture and outdoor signage. It is resistant to natural weathering and is available in a wide range of decors and can be customised thanks to digital printing techniques.

Feature Project

Have you ever been at university for hours on end, desperately trying to feel inspired enough to complete your assignment? For too long, universities have struggled to create interesting, interactive, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing learning spaces. The boring libraries, labs and classrooms do little to encourage learning – instead, they encourage students to run for the hills!

Melbourne’s RMIT University was keen to embrace a more active style of learning, where students and teachers interact and collaborate with each other. This style of learning is becoming popular around the world and has even been thought to double students’ academic results.

Surface Squared was able to turn RMIT’s vision into reality with solutions that not only enabled interactivity within the learning environment, but also added to the aesthetic feel of the campus. So how did we transform boring blank walls into something exciting? Simple – we made them writable! Using our magnetic and writable surfaces range, RMIT was able to create engaging spaces that make brainstorming, meetings and group assignments fun and practical. Our engineered plywood SURPLY Raw was also applied through the floors, walls, tabletops and furniture to create an on-trend, yet practical, decorative timber look.

The final result? A striking, fully interactive area at RMIT where students can collaborate with each other, and their teachers. The new design allows easy sharing of ideas and knowledge in a modern and practical environment. This type of interactive space works in all situations where collaboration is required, such as schools and workplaces.

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