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Creating balanced childcare with Surface Squared

The Australian childcare industry is booming, providing great opportunities for architects, designers and builders to sink their creative teeth into.

Children are just learning to navigate and be inspired by the world around them and are highly influenced by their surroundings. This means that the design of a childcare centre requires a delicate balance. The design must enhance the social and physical development of children, but also provide a practical and safe space for both the children and their educators.

Harmony Braybrook Childcare Centre

Surface Squared provides architects, designers and builders with a wide range of materials that support and maximise the needs of a balanced childcare centre.

SURPAC is an ideal material for the childcare environment. This self-supporting decorative sheet material is a radical alternative to timber substrates and can be used as joinery, wall paneling, lockers and partitioning. It is perfectly suited to childcare centers, as it sustainable, durable, low maintenance, high wear and has outstanding performance in wet areas and fire-retardant properties.    

Harmony Braybrook Childcare Centre

Our High Pressure Laminate is another suitable product for childcare centres. It is sourced from the leading European manufacturer and offers hundreds of colours, textures, patterns, wood grains and metals. We can provide the laminate pressed on White Birch Ply or MR MDF with matching ABS edge tape. The result is a visual feast for childcare centres that can be easily adapted to any interior scheme.  

Magnetico and Writable Surfaces are the go-to products for childcare centers, used by both children and educators. Magnetico is a magnetic writable surface that can adapt between an easy-to-clean white board, a magnetic surface and a projection screen. It is also available as a traditional black chalk board.  Writable Surfaces are an extension of the Magnetico range and offer more than 20 high gloss colours that add value to any space.   

Harmony Braybrook Childcare Centre

We would be delighted to work with you on creating a balanced childcare centre that benefits both children and educators. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Phone: 1300 722 113 or email: info@surfacesquared.com.au.

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