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Polaris by Abet Laminati

Surface Squared would like to introduce Polaris, the new innovative high pressure laminate by ABET LAMINATI. Polaris’ anti-fingerprint properties are perfect for applications where traditional dark coloured materials have been avoided. The acrylic properties that are embedded in Polaris increases the scratch and wear resistance of the surface allowing for repairs of the material, previously unheard of with traditional high pressure laminates.

The colour range for Polaris has been selected based on the latest European trends and collaborations with world leading designers. The matte and velvety texture continues to lead the interiors trend, creating warmth and depth in each decor. Since its release, we have seen projects combining Polaris with Surface Squared white birch substrate. Using exposed raw edges and mixing metals of gold, copper and brushed silver to enhance interior spaces.

Surface Squared provides designers and architects with the materials that bring their clients projects to life. For more information on Polaris, or any products within our range visit our website www.surfacesquared.com.au or phone 1300 722 113.  For our latest projects and releases, follow us on Instagram @surfacesquared.

Click on the link below to watch the unique launch of Polaris to the Italian design community during Milano week in April 2016. To highlight the features of the Polaris, a dinner was served directly onto the high pressure laminate allowing the diners to test the material with cutlery, oils and heat. 
ABET LAMINATI - DINNER ON STAGE - Teatro dell'Arte Triennale di Milano

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