Say it With Colour

“I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way.”
Georgia O’Keeffe

 Often when we design or decorate a space, we want to evoke a certain feeling or communicate a certain message. For example, a doctor might want her waiting room to feel calm and soothing for her patients. Or a young entrepreneur might want his office space to appear energetic and modern, to reflect his outgoing personality. 

While perceptions of colour can be somewhat subjective, depending on people’s experiences and even cultural beliefs, there are some universal beliefs about certain colours, and we can use these beliefs to influence how people feel and behave when enveloped in them.  

Let’s consider the colour green. The most infamous of all colours, it is widely known as being the colour of jealousy or envy. But researchers have found that the colour green actually evokes very strong positive feelings, including a sense of calmness, tranquility and relaxation. Much of this comes from its association with nature and it is often used by designers in an effort to mimic that atmosphere in homes and workspaces.
In a commercial environment, green can be used to help keep a calm and relaxed mind, and promote creativity and productivity. It is also known to reduce eye strain from computer screens.
A good example of the use of green to create a calming and relaxing space is the ‘green room’. A green room is an area where stage actors or TV guests wait before their appearance on stage. It is thought the rooms were originally painted green to counteract the glare from the stage lights, and to create a relaxing, calming area to alleviate actors’ nerves before their big performance.
So, if you are trying to inspire a certain feeling or message in your project, we encourage you to say it with colour. 

Here at Surface Squared, our High Pressure Laminate by ABET Laminati are not only known for their wide range of colours and shades – but they also carry environmental certifications and a Group 1 fire rating. So whatever feeling or message you want to communicate, we can help you achieve it through strategic use of colour.

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